What is an EcoSmart Electrician?

An EcoSmart Electrician is a Licensed electrical contractor that has certification and accreditation in energy efficiency. These electricians have been professionally trained in energy efficient products, technologies and installations to assist you to save money. EcoSmart Electricians have received accreditation from Australia's peak electrical contracting body the National Electrical and Communications Association.


EcoSmart Electricians have been trained to provide you with a complete energy efficient electrical solution for your home. They can assist you to:

  • Reduce your electricity bills by lowering your energy consumption
  • Help the environment by reducing energy requirements
  • Contribute to a more sustainable future for us all


Commercial buildings, whether they be offices or factories, require electricians that are trained to cover a myriad of different areas, from lighting to heating and cooling, to the many kinds of motors that help keep the installation functioning efficiently. EcoSmart Electricians are qualified to deliver. They can assist with your everyday electrical needs along with ensuring your business is as energy efficient as possible. Just some of the key areas they cover are:

  • Energy management systems
  • Lighting
  • Control systems
  • Motors
  • Power factor correction